A community of rental investors on their way to financial freedom

Hi! I'm Chad Carson (aka Coach Carson).Rental Property Mastery (RPM) is my exclusive learning and coaching community where you get personal coaching and guidance from me so that you can achieve financial freedom with a small & mighty portfolio of rental properties.

I'd love to be your Coach!👋

The BEST in every field – from sports, art, science, or business – get coaching and join a team of peers to achieve break-through results.

That's what RPM can be for you as a small & mighty rental investor!

Specifically, inside RPM you'll get coaching to achieve these 4 core real estate milestones:

  1. Buy your next rental property (and the next, and the next!) 🏡

  2. Raise money for your deals (traditional, private & creative financing) 💰

  3. Rent properties faster, to better tenants, and for more cash flow 💵

  4. Build strong systems to free up your time and have more freedom 🙌

Current RPM Members

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203 / 300

Who is RPM for?

  • Experienced rental property investors

  • Already own 1 to 8+ properties

  • Short-term (Airbnb), mid-term, or long-term rental investors

  • Coachable & hard working

  • Value time & freedom over vanity metrics (like number of units)

Who is RPM NOT for?

  • Beginner investors (I have other content more helpful for you)

  • Wholesalers or fix-flippers (unless you also own rentals)

  • Passive syndication investors (not our expertise)

  • Excuse-makers, complainers

  • "Go big" 10x style investors who want to scale real estate to the moon (Sorry, wrong community!)

RPM Average Member Stats:

$1.3 Million
Net Worth


Cash Flow


Annual Membership

  • Step-by-Step Guidance. Learn deeply from Coach Carson's strategies that work in his courses, workshops, and Rental Business Blueprint.

  • Personal Coaching. Get support & feedback you can trust directly from Coach Carson & other hand-picked coaches.

  • Accountability. Finally make progress towards your goals with small accountability groups (aka Action Teams).

  • Community of Like-Minded, Small & Mighty Investors. You don't have take this journey alone!

  • Rental Business "In a Box." Don't reinvent the wheel. Swipe freely from all the files, paperwork, and checklists you need to succeed in the rental business!

After you apply, we require a brief 1:1 call with one of our coaches to answer any questions and to make sure you're a good fit for one of our 300 memberships.

"The support and accountability that I receive from this group has reignited the fire that got me started in real estate. I’d recommend Rental Property Mastery to anyone looking to gain insight and support from other experienced investors, and to find a community that has a passion to help each other reach their personal goals!"–Ryan F.
Austin, TX

Don't Miss Out!

Quarter 3 (2024)

You can enroll in RPM anytime as long as we still have space, but certain events in the community do have deadlines.Action Teams:
We assign you to new Action Teams groups each quarter.
Sign up by June 21, 2024 to participate in Action Teams for Quarter 3.
Live Trainings + Skill Clinics:
Each month we hold live trainings inside RPM to deepen your knowledge and skills on an important part of rental investing.
Here are a few of the upcoming Skill Clinics:
• Acquisitions Coaching (Marketing & Negotiations) – July 9, August 13, September 10
• Financing Coaching – July 18, August 15, September 19
Group Coaching Calls:
Coach Carson hosts a 1.5-hour, live group coaching call on the first Tuesday of every month. This quarter's coaching calls are held on:
July 11, 2024
August 6, 2024
September 3, 2024
It's FREE for RPM members to participate in Action Teams, Skill Clinics, and Group Coaching calls. These calls are also recorded and summarized for members to review and study anytime in the future.

Don't miss out on these awesome RPM events!

"I couldn't be happier with the results, community, and coaches Chad has available for his members.The amount of educational material immediately available is immense and if you have a question there are plenty of folks available to answer. Chad himself is clearly invested in this community, is active, and regularly provides group and one-on-one coaching on topics of your choice. All you have to do is ask!I went from a couple single family doors to confidently underwriting a commercial multi-family to include engagement and partnering with a commercial lender in a few weeks! And Chad second checked my numbers himself!If you're hungry to learn and willing to be engaged and take action, you will NOT be disappointed. Couldn't be happier with my choice in coaching program!"–Brian & Ana B.

So... how specifically does this work? 🤔

A proven process to get results as a
rental property investor

The Mastery Map

After successfully coaching hundreds of investors since 2014, I've developed a proven process that leads to real results for you as a rental investor.As a Rental Property Mastery member, you'll follow this process:

  1. Initial Assessment: We learn more about you through a questionnaire & strategy session.

  2. Quarterly Goals: We'll help you get clarity with recommended goals for the next 3 months.

  3. Skills Mastery: We'll recommend certain skills, lessons, and practice to make you better.

  4. Action: Learning isn't enough! We also help you take weekly action, where you'll win or learn.

  5. REPEAT: Together, you'll get "reps" and keep growing all the way to financial freedom!

Each of the RPM features you'll read about below work to help you move through each of these steps.

"Since joining the Rental Property Mastery group, both my knowledge and confidence in managing my rental properties has soared!"–Travis D.
Oakland, CA

Escape analysis paralysis & get help with your unique challenges

Personalized Coaching

There's the THEORY of how rental properties work in books, videos, and podcasts.And then there's the REALITY of how it works (or doesn't work) for you!The gap between this theory and reality is why you have unique questions, challenges, and concerns.In Rental Property Mastery, you can get honest, helpful feedback on ALL of your concerns with:

  • Monthly group coaching sessions with Chad

  • 1:1 Hot seat coaching calls with Chad

  • Small group coaching and accountability with assistant coaches within Action Teams

  • Discussions with Chad and other experienced investors in the private community forums

In RPM, you'll be able to get your questions answered on a regular basis so that you can move forward and make progress on your rental property goals.

"I've really enjoyed getting some very specific feedback on how I can use some non-traditional financing methods like seller financing, in order to really speed up the process of acquiring more rentals."–Rachael

Make real progress with weekly accountability

Action Teams

Grit = perseverance, resilience, or stick-to-it-ness.We all know that grit is what it takes to succeed with building wealth with rentals.But it's not always easy! Life gets in the way.Angela Duckworth, author of the book Grit, says that the easiest way to be gritty is to join a gritty community.And BEING GRITTY is what RPM is all about!Specifically, you can participate in Action Teams (our version of accountability groups) to take weekly action with 8-10 fellow members over a 3-month period.If you choose to participate, we'll hand select an Action Team for you, give you an assistant coach for help, and provide a weekly structure and accountability to turn your goals into reality.

"One of the most significant benefits of RPM is the accountability factor. I know that I have to show up to each meeting prepared to share my progress and goals, and this helps me to stay on track."–Ray Z.
Los Angeles, CA

Gain unique insights behind the scenes of
Coach Carson's rental business

Coach Carson's Business Backstage

I share a transparent look at my own rental property business, behind the scenes.In some videos, I share the numbers and negotiation details for one of my properties.In others, I share my process for paying bills, doing bookkeeping, or managing the business behind the scenes.These videos are meant to show you how one investor (me) runs my business so that you can borrow the ideas and systems for yourself.I'll warn you: I'm not perfect! But I hope by being transparent, you can learn from both my successes and mistakes!And if you have questions, we can discuss them right inside the community.

"In a month, I've sat on a coaching hot seat session, found and hired a new property manager thanks to another member's connection, and deep-dived into connections I would not otherwise. "–Susan F.
Austin, TX

The tools & systems you need to succeed as a rental investor

Community Swipe File

As a member of RPM, you don't have to start from scratch with paperwork, systems, or ideas.Instead, you can borrow from a growing repository of documents, systems, checklists, and more in our community swipe file.Here are a few of the growing list of resources already in the community:

  • Tenant screening criteria

  • Tenant turnover checklist

  • Real estate investing team members

  • Script for talking to new team members

  • Due diligence checklist when buying a property

  • Closing checklist when buying a property

  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) of Chad's rental business

  • Rental analysis spreadsheet that Chad uses himself

  • Tenant application process

...and much more!

"Rental Property Mastery helped me to become a real estate investor by providing me with two main benefits:
1. Paperwork and courses I need to invest independently. I rely on this heavily.
2. Connections and networking with successful investors to give me confidence in my decisions."
–Gavin O.
Las Vegas, NV

Self-paced training to master the essential rental property skills

All of my Courses & Workshops

Over the years, I've created real estate investing courses. These courses are very popular and have been purchased by thousands of students and received great reviews.Here are the courses available:

  • Creative Financing for Real Estate Investors ($499 value)

  • 30 Days to a Better Rental Investor ($199 value)

  • Rental Property Analysis ($199 value)

  • Closing to Contract ($199 value)

  • Real Estate Deal Finder ($199 value)

  • Seller Financing ($199 value)

  • Off Market Deal Finder ($99 value)

Periodically, I host public, paid workshops and mini-courses.RPM members have access to ALL current and future courses and workshops taught by Coach Carson during the course of their membership!Value of Courses Alone = $1,593

Courses Included:

Ready to take a peek inside? 🔎

"The best part is the accountability opportunities. Working with a small group of accountability partners has led me to identifying specific goals, taking actions each week towards meeting them, and then reporting on my progress! I've accomplished more in a few weeks than I have in years."–Andrew D.
Charleston, SC

So, let's recap...

Coach's Mastery MapStep-by-step structure to master the rental property business and achieve financial freedom.

Swipe FileA comprehensive, constantly growing collection of documents, checklists and systems you can use.

Member ForumAccess to the private community forum with me and other members.

1:1 CoachingGroup Coaching calls and weekly Hot Seats give you 1:1 coaching opportunities with me.

Accountability GroupAction Teams will give you structure, support, & personal connections.

Courses & WorkshopsImmediate access to Coach Carson's past & future courses & workshops.

Don't just take my word for it...

Highly vetted & designed to stay small

RPM itself is designed to be a small and mighty community (and to STAY that way).There are plenty of large real estate communities out there. And there are plenty of great things about them.But it's very easy to lose closeness to each other within a community as it grows. So I've designed RPM from the beginning to max out at 300 members.That will allow me to screen who comes in and add more value as a coach to fewer people!Once RPM is at full capacity, I'll create a waiting list. New spots will only be available once a member decides not to renew.And as an existing member, you can keep your spot for as long as RPM is available AND you keep your current price, even if I raise the prices for new members.Getting in early has its advantages!



Annual Membership

  • Step-by-Step Guidance. Learn deeply from Coach Carson's strategies that work in his courses, workshops, and Rental Business Blueprint.

  • Personal Coaching. Get support & feedback you can trust directly from Coach Carson & other hand-picked coaches.

  • Accountability. Finally make progress towards your goals with small accountability groups (aka Action Teams).

  • Community of Like-Minded, Small & Mighty Investors. You don't have take this journey alone!

  • Rental Business "In a Box." Don't reinvent the wheel. Swipe freely from all the files, paperwork, and checklists you need to succeed in the rental business!

"But what if I don't have much time?"

ALL members of Rental Property Mastery are busy. Myself included!But RPM is designed to be a resource, not a task.Of course, you'll get the MOST out of it by investing your time in Coaching Calls, Hot Seats, Courses, forum discussions, etc. But if you simply use RPM as a place to get inspiration, bust through roadblocks, or solicit feedback on your properties or new deals, you're going to get a lot out of it.You don't have to dedicate hours per week to RPM ... but I bet you'll choose to spend more time inside than you think.

"If you're on the fence, jump off of it! Let's do this! I look forward to seeing your welcome post within the community so that I can give you a warm welcome."–Jon Y.
Raleigh, NC